Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Happy, Healthy Ajay!" and "Freda Stops a Bully"

Happy, Healthy Ajay!
By Stuart J. Murphy
Ajay wants to be fast like his friends Freda and Percy and strong like his daddy. In this book, with the help of his parents and his friends, he learns that in order to be healthy (which doesn't necessarily translate to fast and strong but is a good way to start) he should eat healthy meals, play for exercise, drink lots of water, eat healthy snacks, and stay active. Though the reader doesn't learn exactly what foods are healthy, one good example is given. Some good examples of ways to be active are also given. Though the small size of this book would make it difficult to use as a read-aloud for a group, this book is an excellent way to begin discussions with one's own children on ways to be healthy. What a fun way to learn how to be healthy!


Freda Stops a Bully
By Stuart J. Murphy

Freda loves her bright pink shoes. Unfortunately, these shoes make her noticeable and an easy target for a bully at her school. After a few days of being called 'Funny Feet' by the bully, Freda has had enough. Her mom and friends make a few wise suggestions for Freda: Don't listen, walk away, get help, and say stop.When Freda finally confronts the bully with a loud "Stop it!" the bully learns that his joke isn't very funny. to anyone but him. With bullying on the rise and with the sometimes tragic consequences of bullying, this book is a great way to introduce young kids to tools they can use to confront bullies in their school. Easy read but also informative and helpful!

*These books were sent for review purposes.

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